About Me

Michael Mitchell of Penfield NY was born in Lancaster, NY but grew up and lived in Penfield, NY since he was months old. He has a younger brother, Anthony, who is working to soon be an orthopedic surgeon following residency, and a sister, Elenie, who is soon to graduate from the University of Pittsburgh and is deciding on a path to continue with her nursing degree. Michael Mitchell of Penfield NY attended Scribner Road elementary school, followed by Bay Trail Middle School, then to Penfield High School. He is now attending Ohio State University as a sophomore set to graduate in May 2023 as an Actuarial Science major, Computer and Information Science minor, and Statistics minor.

Michael Mitchell of Penfield NY chose actuarial science partly due to his dad’s recommendation (who brought it to his attention) and primarily because he always excelled in math and found it enjoyable (generally). Michael Mitchell of Penfield NY believes he can be efficient in communicating mathematical ideas/projects he works on to others.

In high school, he first worked as a Visual/Audio technical assistant for Penfield High in which he recorded school board meetings and varsity hockey games a few times a week. He then got a job as a junior in high school at Legacy, Willow Pond, a retirement home where he began as a server/busser for the first few months. The following summer, Michael began working at the YMCA in Penfield as a Sports Camp Counselor, where he worked 25-35 hours/week for the summer until he left for Ohio State.

As for sports and accomplishments, Michael Mitchell of Penfield NY has played sports essentially his entire life, starting in preschool when he picked up lacrosse. Michael Mitchell played youth football, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. In middle school, he alternated (every other year) football and volleyball for the fall sports and continued to play basketball in the winter, as well as lacrosse in the spring/summer. In the summer following 6th or 7th grade, he began playing travel lacrosse for Blaze Lacrosse, a local travel team that he would continue with throughout all of the high school(summer team that participated & won numerous tournaments).

In high school, Michael Mitchell of Penfield NY played basketball one more year (freshman year) for the school, then continued to play CYO basketball through senior year with friends. He played volleyball and lacrosse for all 4 years. In volleyball, Michael was a captain of the JV team sophomore year and also a contributor to the team in the New York State Championship title in his junior year. For lacrosse, Michael played JV in 8th and 9th grades, then was pulled up to varsity in 10th. In his Junior year, they won the Sectional Championship title in which he was a semi-starter (sixth-man type player). Michael was a captain and co-leading scorer during senior year for lacrosse, earning the honor of US Lacrosse Academic All-American as well as an All-County nod, and also was recognized on a local station High School Sports Beat for a section called “Making the Grade” (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55QmkMjI1HI ).

Michael Mitchell of Penfield NY received Scholar-Athlete of the Week for Section V (our section for sports) during volleyball season although his lacrosse coach had also nominated him for it. He received the Michael Sproule Student-Athlete Award along with one classmate in honor of the late Michael Sproule which was a school-wide award given to one man and one woman who represent the sport/school well and excels in the classroom. Michael Mitchell of Penfield NY currently plays lacrosse on the Ohio State Club lacrosse team.

As for hobbies, Michael has always loved playing cards either with his family or with friends. He plays chess occasionally, frequently plays ping pong with friends at school and at home, plays various video games with friends frequently on Xbox, plays poker with friends or online, reads books occasionally, and plays sports recreationally.


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